The Atlas action is a Remington Semi-clone action, featuring a side bolt release and trigger hanger. This action can be easily fitted to any Remington 700/40x stock or chassis system with very little modification. The Atlas is made to extreme tolerances never heard of in a normal Remington action. The rear base is on a level plane with the front base, making it easier to have accurate alignment of optics. Made of 416RS this action is very rugged and reliable. The bolt is made in house with 4140 alloy steel. We have designed the action to accept the AICS magazine boxes. We will accommodate the .223 and .222 rounds with a special magazine cut-out, please request if you intend to use one of these cartridges. We use a 2-pin recoil lug on all Atlas actions, making a “bind” less likely to happen when changing barrels. Options for this action are single shot, magazine, fluted bolts, TG or Remington ejectors, and they are available in long or short action lengths.

This product is not available for online shopping, if you want more info about it please feel free to contact us.

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Comes standard with:

• Aluminum Bolt Plug • Trigger Bracket and Screws • Rear Allen Head Guard Screw • Spiral Fluted Bolt • Aluminum Trigger Guard • Grease


• Weight: 29.5 oz.
• Length: 7.860 in.
• Diameter: 1.355 in.
• Bolt Faces: 222, PPC, 308, Mag. (.532)
• Bolt Head: Coned, Flat
• Right Bolt – Right Port OR Left Bolt – Left Port ONLY
• Single Shot or Repeater
• Head-Space: .692 in.