Setting the new standard for the affordable rifles

This brand new Kelbly's rifle has setting the “New Standard for Affordable Precision Rifles”. It's based on Atlas Tactical action and on XLR tactical stock model. It mounts Krieger barrel to ensure maximum precision in shooting, even at long distances. All the experience and knowledge collected from generation in precision shooting by Kelbly's family is transferred to this amazing rifle.

This product is not available for online shopping, if you want more info about it please feel free to contact us.

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• Atlas tactical action
• .308 Flat Boltface
• Fluted Bolt Body, .068 Firing Pin
• Tilted TG Ejector
• 20 MOA Picatinny Rail
• Tactical Bolt Knob
• BlackNitride Action and Barrel Finish
• Bix N Andy TacSport Trigger
• XLR Carbon Chassis with 15.5″ Handguard
• Fixed Butt Stock
• Folding Stock available
• Krieger Marksman Contour Barrel
• Barrel Length: 26″(standard), 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″
• Thread 5/8-24
• Thread Protector included