Atlas Tactical

The Atlas Tactical action is a Remington semi-clone action, featuring a side bolt release and trigger hanger. There is little modification necessary to use a Remington 700/40x stock or chassis. We made the most rugged action possible for practical, tactical, or hunting. We use a Black Nitride finish from H&M Metal Processing. This allows you to use this action “dry” or without lubrication for extreme environments. As always it is best to use lubrication in normal day to day shooting. In addition to the Black Nitride process we use a fluted bolt, to help move dirt into the flutes allowing better function of the action. We cut the magazine well to use the Accuracy International single stack magazines. One of the key features of this action is the TG ejector, it is a mechanical ejector that does not put any chamber pressure on the round. It is also a “never fail” setup, meaning that there are no springs to get gummed up and stop working. We offer an Extreme Duty Bolt Stop, that bolts to the side of the action via a 6/48 screw. It is truly the most reliable bolt stop upgrade on the market! We finish it all off with a pinned 20 MOA anodized picatinny rail, a dual pin recoil lug, and a tactical bolt knob.

This product is not available for online shopping, if you want more info about it please feel free to contact us.

Rispetto all’azione Atlas standard, la versione tattica è rifinita di serie con la finitura BLACK NITRIDE. Questo trattamento metallico permette di usare l’azione anche in condizioni ambientali estreme, secche/asciutte ed in assenza di lubrificazione. Inoltre viene fornita di serie con l’otturatore scanalato ‘fluted’. Il taglio per l’alloggiamento del caricatore è stato progettato per utilizzare anche i caricatori della Accuracy International. L’azione ATLAS TACTICAL è dotata di serie anche di:
· slitta Picatinny Pinned inclinata a 20 MOA e anodizzata
· una manetta tattica per l’otturatore modello APA Tactical Bolt Knob

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• Weight: 29.5 oz.
• Length: 7.860 in.
• Diameter: 1.355 in.
• Bolt Faces: .223, .308, Mag (.532)
• Bolt Head: Coned, Flat
• Right Bolt – Right Port OR Left Bolt – Left Port ONLY
• Head-Space: .692 in.